2018 W001 Einstein Alone
2018 W002 Faces of a Journey
2018 W003 Finding Objects with Binoculars or Telescopes
2018 W004 Zelfportret ervaring van ringen
2018 W005 Foothill Whose Foot Floats above Earth's Mantle
2019 W006 Knowing Neither by Hearing Nor by Saying
2019 W007 Liebestraum
2019 W008 Sermon I II
2019 W009 Pirouette of Being
2019 W010 Salto of Sun and Rain
2020 W011 El Toro soy yo (ik ben de stier)
2020 W012 No Hay Camino (er is geen weg)
2020 W013 Familielid van de Oerknal
2020 W014 Rond groene armen draaien hemelreuzen
2020 W015 Mijlen Jaren water aarde
2021 W016 Schnapps war das letzte Wort
2021 W017 Rückseite der Tage
2021 W018 There Are Millions of Suns Left
2021 W019 Limits of Reason
2021 W020 What It Takes to Make Ever
2021 W021 Curzio Malaparte
2022 W022 Life with Insects
2023 W023 Mimicking many Limbs
2023 W024 Stimme des Mondes
2023 W025 Sometimes Light Makes a Noise
2023 W026 Megalopsychos
2023 W027 Reis naar de Ander
2023 W028 Over Strekking van tijd
2023 W029 A Cliff Crawled a Wood Ran Forward
2023 W030 The Shoes Are Still Warm I Am Going Strong